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You go to raves? ... yes I do.
2001-05-11 - 12:14 a.m.


So much to say, no one to say it to. Maybe someone will actually read this?

Anyways, maybe a little about myself.

28 yrs old... gonna be 29 in on May 25th. that is old. Old compared to everyone else at raves. I go to parties-- not as much as I used to back in '94, '95, '96... but once in a while I do. Can't even remember when I went to my first rave, but I do remember seeing an episode of "90210" way back when, and someone OD'd or got fucked up from what they called on the show "Euphoria". I thought, "Hey, they're talking about E!" (obviously they were referring to Ecstasy, duh)

So anyways, I ended up watching to whole episode, and at the end I thought, "What the fuck is this crap I just watched???"

And I went out and partied.

When I first got introduced into the scene many many moons ago, it was all about getting high. But after a while, after delving deeper and deeper into it all, I started to realize what an art making music is, and just how hard it is to actually mix records for hours at a time. It suddenly became so clear. It's not about the drugs, it's about the music.

Now I'm not gonna say that I became clean cold turkey... but I learned to use it as an enhancement, and not as a necessity.

But that was years ago.

Now, I just go to parties and pick up on everyone else's vibe- totally clean and sober.

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