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questions asked in a drunken stupor...
2001-05-12 - 7:40 a.m.

Do you ever wonder...

- if God really exists?

- why there is so much violence in the world?

- why ranch dressing tastes so good with literally everything?

- why everything smells so fresh after a rainstorm?

- what Bill Gates does with all that money?

- why peas and carrots work so well together?

- if gas prices will ever be 99 cents a gallon again?

- why some people look more attractive with a little bit of clothing on instead of completely naked?

- why do dogs smell each others butts?

- why do cops get on promoter's asses instead of the irresponsible drug user/pusher?

- what you would do today if you knew tomorrow was your last day on earth?

- if females know they have more power than men (sexually, that is...)?

- if you had only 10 seconds to decide where you would fly off to, anywhere in the world, where would it be?

- how damaging to your body are cheese sticks (think about it, chunks of cheese deep fried in a vat of grease...)?

- why are flies attracted to shit?

- with the way technology is nowadays, why are CDs still costing $13+ each when they were that price over 10 years ago?

I wonder these things randomly, but I don't dwell on them...

... working too hard for that "bling bling" if you know what I mean...

Still though, it's amazing what kind of conversations come up after downing a couple of coronas- and ya can't forget the lime..

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