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For her.
2001-05-21 - 1:00 a.m.

I still think about you, even to this day. Five years have passed, yet I can still see you here. I close my eyes to see you smiling back at me, with that bashful "why are you looking at me?" look in your eyes.

It is amazing what you can see when you just close your eyes...

I can still see you lying next to me, curled up in the sheets, a gentle summertime breeze whispering through the window, gently sleeping as I pray that God keeps you safe with me another day.

I can still see the smile, oh that smile, that I longed to see after a long hard day at work, that comforting reassurance that we would never ever part.

I can still see the shock, the surprise, the tears that ran down your face as I got on bended knee and asked you to be with me forever.

I can still see the amazement in everyone's eyes as you walked into a room and I announced you as MY fiancee. You turned heads everywhere you went. I was a very lucky man.

I also still see the tears and the frustration on your face as you gave me back the ring that cold, rainy September night.

From that very first night we met, talking 11 hours straight, to the day you told me, "We need to talk..." and I never saw you again, your influence has planted a seed that has grown inside me to make me the type of man I am today.

I still love you, you will always be a part of me, no matter where I go, no matter what I do. I pray that God keeps you safe and prosperous life, and I pray that we may someday be together again.

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