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gettin' old, feelin' old...
2001-05-23 - 10:56 p.m.

Whew... it is DAMN hot here in the bay.

I'm gonna be 29 years old in about 25 hours...


For some reason that seems old. I know it's not old at all, but for some reason I guess I just feel old. It seems just like yesterday that I was a senior in high school, looking at those college guys come by the school because their girlfriends were seniors, and thinking, "Damn... he's hella old-- he's like 20 or 21 or something-- can't he find an old girl to hang out with???"

It has got to be the fact that I only have one real friend who is older than me... sure there are the aquaintances and people who I go out with once in a blue moon, but they're not "friends", persay.

It's funny, 'cause now that I think about it, I have always played "the big brother" role with most of my friends, and the fact that a majority of my friends are (were?) females just re-emphasizes that fact.

I hope this birthday turns out well, with mom already in the hospital, and dad having surgery that day, I'm probably gonna have a few extra cold ones this year... if I end up doing anything that is.

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