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just some random thoughts...
2001-05-25 - 1:11 a.m.

This is my journal. Not a diary, a journal. So it is my God-given right to state whatever the fuck I wanna say in this journal, right? If i wanna swear once in awhile, then so be it. If I wanna vent my aggressions for awhile, so be it. So, if anybody out there gets offended by what I am about to write (which I don't think is going to be as offensive as it is funny) you have been warned. I know there is a certain number of people who may not like what I feel like saying.

This may actually give some of you people out there a little insight as to what kind of person I am.

I need to get some things off my chest:

-I don't like women who fart in public.

-If you have big tits, but your stomach is just as big, what makes you think that we want to see them??? If you pull your shirt up to show them, you're showing us your stomach too-- and frankly, we don't need to see your boobs that bad. Your tits are just big and flabby because YOU'RE FAT.

-Guys don't like women who swear like they're truck drivers on two hours of sleep...

-If you just met a woman, don't refer to her as "baby"; this isn't the sixties and you're not Austin Powers.

-If you don't speak English, don't expect everyone else to know what the fuck you're saying... if I was in Mexico or China or Germany or where ever, I wouldn't expect everyone to speak my language.

-If you have to hunch over the steering wheel in order to see the road ahead of you, you're either too blind to be driving or just too damn old.

-Why ask for a discount on a $0.50 pack of gum or a $0.69 bag of Doritos, when you know that's the cheapest they're ever going to be? Here's $5, GO GET A FUCKING LIFE.

-Just because you're the same race I am, does not mean I know your friends or relatives. And for that matter, don't EVEN THINK that I'm going to give you a discount on anything I'm selling either.

-If you're a teenager driving either a BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Infiniti, Lincoln, Cadillac, Range Rover, or some other type of luxury vehicle, don't front like you're the shit, because we all know that IT'S YOUR PARENTS CAR, because they either (A)bought it with their own hard-earned money for your spoiled ass, (B)got duped by you to co-sign for your spoiled ass, or (C)are on vacation in some other state or country and don't know your ass is driving it.

-Just because you're alone in your car does not mean we can't see you through the window picking your goddamn nose.

-Fat guys who sweat a lot should be required to take a minimum of two showers a day. Ditto for fat chicks.

-If you have a convertible with the top down, ROLL DOWN THE WINDOWS TOO. Why have the top down if you're keep the windows up in the first place? It looks like you're in a damn human aquarium...

-PLEASE cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze-- is that too much to ask?

-Guys, if you're going to talk to a woman, look her in the eyes, not the chest... no matter how much taller she is than you. Basically, if she's THAT much taller than you, maybe you shouldn't be talking to her at all...

-What's with the thing about Black people talking like Black people and White people talking like white White people? Just because a white guy uses a little street slang does not mean he's trying to be Black, and just because a Black person doesn't use Ebonics when he talks doesn't mean that he's trying to be white... Educate yourselves about other cultures, people!

-A cell phone is not an excuse for you to become the most retarded driver on the face of the earth.

-Don't get all pissy at a salesperson who comes up to you and asks if you need help finding anything- he/she is just doing their freakin' job... just because your job may suck doesn't mean you should make theirs suck either.

I'm getting sleepy. I'm getting a headache. I can't bitch anymore. Goodnight.

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