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coming home.
2001-06-01 - 10:46 p.m.

Mom's back home from the hospital now. Now comes the real challenge.

Mom is actually now in worse shape than when she was admitted to the hospital; now she is too weak to walk with a walker, let alone stand up to even TRY to walk. Her words are all slurred, and she has to think before answering a simple question like, "What's your name?" or, "Where are you?".

A nurse is coming tomorrow to the house to see what we can do to make it easier for her to move around. What the challenging part is what my dad and I are going to do about the 24 hour care that she needs. We are all a little wary about having a total stranger in our house watching my mom, just because I personally think that I can take better care of her, and it'll just be weird having someone in my house period. Dad is on the verge of retirement, but if he does, he knows that paying their bills PLUS my own bills will just to be too much for me to handle. And if he takes off from work, that means no more insurance to help with mom's medical bills.

I'm not too religious of a man, but I think it's time I started praying more.

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