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nag nag nag... bitch bitch bitch.
2001-07-28 - 11:26 p.m.

It finally happened. I lost it at work. At least it didn't happen in front of a customer or anything. I am so sick of cheap, idiotic, stupid, smelly, sweaty, backstabbing, greedy people! Granted, it is a fucked up town I work in, thank God I don't live out there. I still wonder why I drive 30-40 minutes to work there. I know for a fact there has got to at least ONE other person out there who works in retail that knows what the hell I am talking about. Take this example-

CUSTOMER- "So this cell phone right here costs $129 and has a $50 mail-in rebate, right?"(said with an arab indian accent)

ME- "Yes, a MAIL-IN rebate..."(said with a northern Californian slang accent, if there is one...)

CUST- "If it's a mail in rebate, then I don't get my money right now?"

ME- "Uhhhhh... no...... it says on the form there that it will take at least 6-8 weeks for the check to arrive..."

CUST- "Then I get nothing right now..."

ME- "Well, you get a brand new phone..."(as I smirk...)

CUST- "And all I have to pay right now is $79 plus tax, correct?"


ME- "...uhhhh... NOOOOOO... you pay $129 plus tax..."

CUST- "But what about my rebate???"

Multiply that tenfold and then add in various strongly uncomprehensible accents like Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Filipino, and you have my day NOT ONLY TODAY, but just about every other day. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to sound racist (I'm Filipino myself...), but DAMMIT PEOPLE, if you know you can't speak the language well, then PLEASE DON'T-

A)slur your words to try and hide the fact you don't know what you're saying.

B)yell like I'M the one with the problem. I can hear just fine, thank you very much.

C)come in closer to my body like you're going to whisper something to me. Everyone has their own "personal space" that does not need to be violated.

D)speaking of whispering, DON'T DO THAT EITHER! I'm sure everyone else in the store knows that your English sucks already.

F)assume that I speak Spanish just because I have black hair and brown eyes.

G)call for me by yelling "hey!", whistling, or going "psssssst...". That may work in Mexico or the Philippines or Russia, but not in my store. Last time I checked my name badge it had "Jay" written on it... not "Hey".

H)assume that just because I asked if you need help, that I want to bilk you for all your money. I'm just doing my job, and, I just may actually want to help you.

Now I bet a couple of you are saying, "damn, this guy is fucking rude..."

Well, I am. Only if you treat me in the same way.

I obviously know that in the customer service / retail industry that kindness and courtesy is the mantra, but when you go to the mall or the store or anywhere for that matter, please remember, although it is his job to help you shop, that guy behind the counter is not your slave. You get what you give.

She hasn't been to work lately. Maybe that's why I'm so pissy lately. Hmmmph.

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