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2001-08-01 - 7:10 a.m.

Still haven't seen my new Godson.


Is the word I'm looking for "oxymoron"? where the word and the meaning of the word are the opposite of each other or something like that... in this case I say GODson, because I am the the GODfather, but then, it doesn't matter because his father is SATAN HIMSELF.

To quote a line from The Waterboy, "THAT'S THE DEVIL!"

Damn. Shouldn't have had that cigarette last night. I really should be taking better of myself since that little stroke I had back in February. I told myself that I would take better care, but how many things in my life have I started that I finished? My left hand has some numbness that isn't going away right now. At least I have that check up at the doctor today.

Oh hell yeah. is playing "The Sinner" by Orbital... damn I got a free tape of that at a massive at Home Base in Oakland way back in '95 (or was it '96?). You know how you can hear a song, and you can totally visualize what you were doing when you heard it way back when? For me, this is one of those songs. Now I can't get Maya out of my head. LOL

List of priorities -

- get my numb hand checked out.

- stop fucking smoking.

- check out why the hell it will cost me $399 to rent a freakin minivan for 3 days... 3 days for $399? What the fuck bro... I went without a license for 6 fucking years without getting a ticket, I think I'm a damn good driver (either that or extremely slick...).

- find out what's up with Jessica and get her to go with us to LA, even if it's just to try and see if she's just as hot half-naked (bathing suit) as she is fully dressed. Ditto for Amy (but that's pretty much a given).

5:20PM- AT&T cable finally put food network in our town... been watching it all day. Fuck, I didn't even know it was already past 5:00. Those who know me know just how much I love to cook and try different recipes. Now if I can raise up enough money to get into the Culinary Academy... The doctor says I need to lose some poundage. Well, not exactly in those words, but ya know... the blood pressure is going down, but is still high by medical standards. Gotta head for work soon, but for some reason I keep getting drawn back to the TV... =)

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