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2001-08-04 - 11:42 p.m.

Oh my Gawd... this is so goddamn funny.

I was looking over my stats, and seeing where people were being referred to my journal from, and apparently is you go over to and do a search for "big flabby tits", my journal entry from May 25th (my birthday, by the way...) comes up as one of the results.

Big flabby tits... hmmm. LOL

Today was an OK day at work. Larry went to the Giants game, Lance took off early to go to the Raiders game (GO RAIDERS!), and Luis never came back from lunch. I bet he ended up at the Raider game too. Bastards... I wanted to go to!

I haven't heard for Maya since that one night we met up at the pool hall. I wonder if she ever got that e-mail. I wonder if she's reading this. I miss you.

I woke up this morning with my left hand all numb and the numbness didnt go away until about noon. With all this shit going on with the left side of my body, I'm finally starting to get a little scared. I really think that there's something wrong with my heart or something. And I'm such a fuckin' idiot I keep forgetting to take my heart and blood pressure medicine. I know, I really should go see the doctor and tell her whats going on, but...

She wore black again today, with a nice little pinkish, purple top. Absolutely gorgeous. I would make a nice boyfriend for her... tomorrow's gonna be the last time I see her for the week. Damn.

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