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gotta dance
2001-08-13 - 1:58 a.m.

Alright. I admit it. I am lazy. Well, maybe not lazy in general, but lazy about certain things. For instance, I had hella stuff to write about today, and yesterday, and even the day before; but I was too lazy to go to my computer and write my shit... and now that I'm here typing away, my mind has drawn a blank.

I'm still getting e-mails about why I go by "puppydogeyes"... it is an inside joke between someone I don't go out with anymore, but it does get a little personal, so I'll probably go into it later. It's 2AM. I'm so tired, yet I can't get to sleeping. I just lay there, close my eyes, but I can't sleep... I just want to get up and dance for some reason...

LOL... maybe I should stop listening to my Crystal Method CD and maybe, just MAYBE... I might be able to go to sleep...

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