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Back from Los Angeles
30.08.2001 - 11:04 PM

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(Names have been reduced to initials so as not to incriminate anyone... apparently some girlfriends were told that this was to be a "guy only" trip)

Ok, so I'm back from Los Angeles!

What a very interesting three days it's been. A and B ended up not going (no shock there), and F's uncle died hours before we were going to leave, so obviously she couldn't go. I really wish she could have gone. I couldn't stop thinking about her the whole time. I don't know how close she was to him, so I don't know how much she's grieving, but still, to celebrate your birthday and then find out later that your uncle died is just plain bad luck.

So on this particular road trip, it turned out to be me, L, D, Jo, and Je.

The hotel I rented was a little bit further away than I expected, so we spent a lot of time driving. My bad-- but at least D loves to drive, so that was not a problem. I pretty much had the whole middle seat to myself, dozing off as I kept getting a contact high from the weed that L and Je were blazin up. I pretty much planned the whole trip around seven people (three in each room and me in my own room because I snore...) but since there were only five of us left, it actually worked out much better. Jo and D shared a room, and L and Je got the other one.

Je's cousin was to meet up with us when we got down there, but we weren't sure when she was going to show up because she was coming in from Riverside, which was about a two hour drive...

So I'm in my room, just chillin' 'cause I just got out of the shower, watching ESPN, when I hear a knock on the door. I open it up to see Je with her cousin. Gawd-DAMN this girl was off the fuckin' richter! oh MY gawd... absolutely beautiful, I tell ya!

Je: Hey Jay, this is my cousin Y...

Y: Hi... (in a soft and mellow tone)

me: uhhhhhh... hi. how ya doin....(shakng her hand)

(total and complete silence which lasted only about 5 seconds, but seemed like forever as I totally stared at her... LOL)

Je: Uhhhh... ok.... we're gonna go now, I'm going to go introduce her to the other guys...

Y: bye...

me: ..........

Then it hit me like a Mike Tyson uppercut.
My inner voice said, "uhhhhhhh... hello Jay.... you dumbass... she's only 16! Stop looking at her like that..... you're gonna look like a dirty old man...."
By this time, they were already three steps down the hall.� Then I shut the door.

Before we left for our trip, Je read online that there was a club in Hollywood that did foam parties. She told me about it, and I checked it out, and judging by the pictures on their website, it looked to be pretty phat (and I wanted to see some naked women).� Granted, I've been to foam parties before, and they were pretty memorable, so I figured, "well, these guys have never been to one, so let's make sure to go to it."

BAD IDEA. We found the place, no problem. I could swear that somewhere on that damn website it said "$10 before 10PM, $15 after". Apparently L and Je and Y don't have any money, so I volunteer to pay for them. "Twenty bucks," the guy says. $20 to get in? Fuck it, I just want to get in-- so Je gives the guy the $100 bill I gave her, and he gives her back $20 with a little smirk on his face. I should've known by that face that something was up. We walk through the curtain, and we see about...... oh maybe 20, 25 people at the most. "WTF????" I ask myself, followed by a huge "oh shit..."
OK, now this is where I start asking myself, "wait a minute... this isn't what I remember a foam party to be like," and "this isn't like the goddamn website pics" But to make a long story short, and because I don't want to think about it anymore, this party did not have wall to wall foam, only a pit measuring about 20 feet by 10 feet, and about 6 feet high; and the promoter's "foam girls" are about 30 lbs bigger than they look on the website. fuck that place-- don't ever ever ever ever ever ever go there.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is the shit. Fuck Disneyland-- just kiddin', Disneyland is cool and all, but damn, it's all about the roller coasters! I swear to God the Goliath coaster was so fuckin fast and twisty that I seriously almost came out of my seat. Now THAT was scary. The Batman and Robin show was pretty phat too.

I noticed something while we waited in line down there.� Now I don't know if it is just a southern California thing, or what, but the girls down there like to look each other up and down and then give that "ugh" look. I know it's common everywhere, but I swear that it happens more times in L.A. than anywhere else (besides maybe Las Vegas). I'm don't know if it's just ugly girls doing that to Je and Y because they were jealous, but damn people-- there's no need to hate.

B always talked about going to Claim Jumper and the food that they have over there, so D, Jo, and I decided that we would go that night for dinner. Unfortunately Je, L and Y didn't want to go. That's too bad because that place is the shit too. Man, the portions they give are humongous! The individual size of their chocolate cakes and apple pies needs to be seen to be believed. Damn B, you're right-- that place is the fuckin bomb.

I'm gettin sleepy.� Overall, I had fun, and there's SO much more that I want to write, but my friends and I have an unwritten code: "Whatever happened in (insert city here), stays in (insert same city here)..."
Unfortunately for you, the reader, that is all I can say.

Whatever happened in L.A., stays in L.A.

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