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bunk shit?
09.08.2001 - 1:31 AM


today i smoked out.

like about two hours ago in fact

but i didn't feel high

i didn't feel high at all

now i KNOW i didn't build a tolerance, because i haven't smoked out in over a year.

oh well, every once in a while ya get some bunk shit...

it's cool to see some people put their pics in their diaries-- it's sorta easier to put a face to the words, and imagine what their facial expressions were when they wrote their entries... amanda has pics up of her and her crew, but i dunno which one is her! monica finally put some recent pics up of herself. shes cuuuuuuuuuute...

she looks so much like gail but cuter. damn. hella looks like her. im having flashbacks of junior and senior years from high school now. whoa.

ever since i got that linkin park cd i literally haven't listened to anything else in my truck.

whoa. ok. NOW im' startin to feel something. weird. ill finish this laterfuck it

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