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roses at work
09.10.2001 - 1:52 AM

A year and a half ago, I bought Christina some roses (which I don't do very often, mind you), and had them sent to work.
Francisca said, "awwwwwww... nobody ever sent me roses at work..."

A year ago, someone sent me roses at work to cheer me up.
She said, "man, no one sends me flowers at work..."

A couple of weeks back Natalie had some roses sent to work for Luis.
That day she said to me, "well at least you got some roses before..."

So today I bought her some.

I had a coupon for a free dozen long stem roses, so I took a break today and went to the florist at the mall.� I didn't notice that the coupon was only for a florist in the town where I live (35-40 mins. away), so I paid cash for them, no hesitation.� The lady behind the counter asked me if I was in love or in trouble. I didn't understand what she meant at first, but then I got it. I just smiled and never answered back. She said that they would be delivered around 3-4 pm, so I was all cool with it, as long as it was today...� for some reason, the day seemed kinda slow, most likely because football season has started (GO RAIDERS!), so I didn't notice what time it was when she and I went to lunch (WOOHOO! She went to lunch with me again! I rock...) � While we were at the ATM getting her some money, I just happened to see a clock in one of the stores and the time was 3:40.� I sorta wanted to be there when they arrived so that no one would see the writing of her name on the envelope and notice that it was my handwriting."Oh fuck it," I thought. Granted, it's not a big secret that I'm totally in love with her anyways, but still, there's no need to get people talking, especially the way everyone talks about everyone else in this fucking store.

So we get our food, and we walk in the store, and the first thing we hear is, "Hey Francisca, you got some roses... who're they from???� And the whole time I'm whispering to her, "Don't open the card out here, don't open the card out here," and she's looking at me, with a confused look on her face, saying "Whaaa??? why not??? ok, whatever." So she took the box, put the attached card in her purse, and we went to the back to eat.�

And you know what? That's the last I heard from her about those roses.

Now I'm thinking, "ok, it must be because there were people in the break room, so that's why she's not saying anything about them... that's cool."� So we ate lunch, talked with everyone else about the game that was on TV, and went on with work like no roses were delivered...� The roses were on top of our lockers, and I went back there on another break (I just noticed, I take a lot of breaks...� LOL) and some people came to the back and asked me if I knew who sent the roses-- like it's any of your fucking business...

Ok, anyways, so I go back to work again, and then I take another break later on (heehee), and the roses are gone! I'm all "Oh shit... someone took 'em" and I find out that she went home early. I didn't even see her leave.

We had all planned to go to Fuddrucker's to use our gift certificates, so I headed over there after work.� I'm pulling up to the parking lot of the joint, and I noticed that she called me, but I didn't hear it.� Apparently, Gabi got some concert tix at the last minute, so Francisca didn't have a ride-- so like the lovesick pup that I am, I gladly offered to turn around and pick her up-- no problemo.

as a side note... Natalie showed up, which was real cool of her, considering she had just spent her entire day running around Great America (an amusement park near here). She said that Amy knew about us all meeting up, but I guess she couldn't make it-- damn I miss that grrrrrrl... Francisca was talking to Christina on our way to the burger joint, and she invited her, but she didn't make it either-- no surprise though, heard that she's hella stuck on that new boyfriend of hers.

I have to say that this has been the most time (minute-and-hour-wise) that I've ever been with her alone.� She wore a sleeveless shirt and some jeans (man, I think I'm starting to sound like a stalker or something, always writing what she's wearing that day and shit.............. naw, I'm just smitten.)� She looked absolutely radient-- there's something about her that I just can't pinpoint that makes me all goo-goo gaa-gaa over her.

So anyways, to make this long-ass ramble shorter, we drove to the place, ate dinner with everyone, smoked out, went to see "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" (funny as fuck, but you have to have seen all Kevin James' other movies-- Clerks, Mallrats, and Dogma to appreciate this one...) and I drove her home with no mention of the roses.� So basically now I'm thinkin, "hmmmmm... did she even read the card? does she even know who sent them? what does she even think?"

I wonder if she noticed that the closer and closer we got to her house, the slower and slower I drove.� Damn, even if I was just driving her home, I didn't want that feeling of her sitting next to me with a huge smile on her face to disappear.� It's times like that when I wish time would just stop or slow down so I could savor the moment.

What's funny to me is, the day I bought those roses for Christina back a year and a half ago, she and I talked for over two hours right in front of the store after we closed that night.� Even with all the drama that I had with her, for some unknown reason I still went after her, and I'll never forget one thing I blurted out that night in that little talk--
"...well, actually Francisca's more my type-- she's beautiful, smart, funny, and she can hold and intelligent conversation..."
so why DID I buy those roses for Christina anyways???? what was I thinking??? or maybe I should say "which head was I thinking with??" LOL

I sure hope she likes them.
I hope she doesn't put this off as some petty thing that she'll forget about in a couple days.
I hope she realizes just how special she is to me.
I hope this doesn't fuck up anything and make it all "weird" whenever we all hang out or work together.

I hope something good comes out of this. God, please let something good come out of this. It's my turn to be blessed.

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