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a dream? or a premonition?
09.22.2001 - 4:55 AM

Fuck my heart is racing right now.

I just had the most God-awful dream--

I'm sitting there, in a hospital, waiting for some kind of procedure. I'm wearing one of those hospital gowns, trying to hide the fact that it's too small, and only covers my front half. Time keeps going by, and I'm joking with the nurses, wondering why it's taking so long for someone to see me. Next thing I know, someone's telling me to put my clothes back on. Casually I'm putting my clothes back on, when someone runs into the changing room yelling at me to hurry up and get out of the building, but not telling me why.

Now this part of the dream is where it looks like a movie...

I'm speed-walking through the halls of the hospital, but it seems like business as usual to the people around me-- there's people admitting patients in, kids playing while their parents sign paperwork, candy stripers pushing gurneys through the halls-- business as usual. Suddenly I run into my manager Luis, and he's yelling at me to get out of the building. I ask what the fuck is going on, and he utters quietly, "There's a bomb in here..."

So we're running through the building, and we finally find a door; and as I open it, I take a couple of steps out and I'm astonished as there's pure chaos with people running all over the place. I'm so overwhelmed by everything that I stop myself in my tracks.

"Move!" Luis screams at me...

...and as I get to the end of the parking lot (I guess I was on a hill), I fall to my knees and start balling my eyes out as I see the entire skyline of San Francisco up in flames with missle after missle hitting the city.

Suddenly I hear a loud, piercing jet engine-type scream and I look directly above me as a missle blows in the sky, with the effect of a July 4th firework, raining flame and shrapnel over me.

Then all I see is white, and I wake up in this cold sweat. damn. I'm fucking shaking and I can't stop. It's almost 5AM.

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