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mine all mine-- me me me me me
09.25.2001 - 11:52 PM


IT'S MY WORLD!!! least for the time being. (Sorry Amanda, it's MINE right now-- I'll give it back to you tomorrow!) green team 303 elite representin'...

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm actually in a good freaking mood right now, and considering my mood over the past couple of days (weeks, months... whatever), that is most definitely something to write about.� I was actually going to call in sick today, since I've been working everyday since coming back from L.A., and I was supposed to go with Natalie to San Francisco so we could do some window shopping after she did her errands.


There was some God-awful accident on the bay bridge, so I was thinking that maybe we should just go some other time; AND she never called me after she was done doing her shit, so I went to work anyways.

So to make a long story really short, all the commissions I made today equaled about $420 or so, divided by my short 4 hour shift, which means that I made about $105 or so an hour today.� not bad considering my plans to call in sick and all...

(just kiddin' girl, ya know I luv ya, just don't tell luis! heh...)

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