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reasons why
09.28.2001 - 11:49PM

Oh yeah.....

I'm gonna do it.

I have decided that I am going to save up for a bike.� Not just any � bike, but a 2002 CBR954RR.� Oh hell yeah.�

After reading that last entry I wrote yesterday, it feels extra good to know that 5% of my sales for the company is going to help the relief efforts in New York and Washington.� It's been extra motivating for me to work since our company announced that they would be donating that.

My cell phone's been shut off.� Oops, forgot to pay the bill AGAIN.� My bad. � AND, I forgot to pay my taxes back in April, so my refund check that was supposed to be $300 actually became a credit towards what I owed, so now all I owe is $216. � How the hell did I forget to pay my taxes???� Geez, I really must be losing it.

It's good to be working with Angelo again.� I don't have too many friends that I talk to anymore that I knew back 7 years ago-- it's just like old times; except for the fact that we don't go to the strip clubs anymore. heh.

**For deadkandy-- � I'm trying to get back into the html thing, I can't believe there's so much that I forgot.� I've been trying to get the creative juices flowing back in my system, so that's why I've asked to have my journal reviewed...� I used to come up with a lot of sick looking layouts, but ever since I stopped going to school, I can't think of much anymore... �I just got Flash and Dreamweaver, and I've bought some books to try and re-teach myself, so hopefully I can get back into the groove again.� I'm pretty much looking for input on this first basic layout that I have right here, considering it's so basic and all...
I've always written entires here in my journal for my sake, so I can always look back and see what has happened to me in the past; and so that I can get off of my chest whatever has been irking me that day. �In a way though, I have been writing for other people, so that they can get to know me in a way that can't be done through casual conversation or what not.� I've always found myself to be a much better communicator through my writings rather than my speech; and for the people who actually know me and interact with me everyday, I think that by writing these entries, knowing that some of them stop by this site daily, they can see a totally different side of me than the one that they see everyday at work ('cause most of my friends are people I work with...).� If you have worked with me, then you know what side I'm talking about... and it's not too pretty. LOL

Thanks for the concern, though-- I appreciate it.� *kiss*

WOO-HOO! she's workin' tomorrow.� Can't get enough of her.� Nope.� can't.� just can't. not enough. uh, okay. blah.

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