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blah blah and blah!
09.29.2001 - 11:35 PM

So Ben's got me trying this handheld GPS thingie we're supposed to be selling now, and I'm supposed to get it working and figure out all the buttons, and functions, and shit like that. Seems easy enough, so I say, "okay, sure that should be no problem..."

Uh, yeah right.

Even reading the instructions is pointless in this instance. I think you have to be a certified topographer to figure out what all the numbers mean-- I mean, I do understand the whole latitude/longitude thing, and I do know what hemisphere I'm in, but damn there are just TOO MANY freakin' numbers to read...

And I have to give a training on this tomorrow?

Today I went to have some Vietnamese food with Warren, Matt, and Ben. We ate some soup shit called "pho". It wasn't all gross and shit, it just wasn't my cup of tea. Maybe it's an aquired taste, but oh hell, I just wasn't impressed. And what's with all the slurping and shit?

I keep forgetting to take my damn heart medicine, and I keep forgetting to check my blood sugar before I eat breakfast everyday... Ok I admit it, I'm not forgetting, I'm just too chicken-shit to see what my sugar levels are.

Damn, it's getting late, and I still have to figure out how the hell these GPS things work.

I need some sleep!

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