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you don't have puppy dog's eyes...
10.01.2001 - 2:08 PM

I've gotten a couple of e-mails saying, "You don't look like you have puppydogeyes..."

Well, no shit.� It's a nickname.�

LOL-- Back in the day, it was a well known fact between my friends and I that I loved to eat IT...

... and I'm not talking about food, dammit!

Back in high school and leading up to my first year at college, I had the rep around the dorms that if I went out with a girl, she would have no problem worrying about me trying fuck her, because I would have rather gone down on her instead (which led to sex anyways... heh). �So one night, after going out with a chick for awhile, (oh damn I can't believe I'm writing this!� LOL) it happened, and while I was doing my thing, I looked up at her, she said, "oh my God don't look at me like that!"


Of course, I stopped and was all, "like how???"� Obviously at this point, the mood was killed, and I was confused and insulted...

"You looked at me with big eyes like a puppy dog..."
"What??? huh? what? what the......?"
"Wait, don't be all weirded out, it was cute..."
"Cute? so why the fuck did you trip out like that???"

Anyways, I took off and went to the liquor store, bought myself a case, and headed back to my dorm, where I told my roommate what the hell happened...

"She said what?"
(pause for dramatic effect...)

And after that night, I'd walk through the halls and everyone would call me "pup".

In some circles I also go by the nickname "munch", and that name also has nothing to do with food, but that's a whole new story in itself.

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