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fuck it
10.23.2001 - 11:20 PM

...wonder if Maya got those tix for Orbital.

I really like their older stuff, but I haven't heard their newest stuff, so I don't know.....

She wanted to go, and I haven't seen her in days, so this should be fun.

heh. got a lot of flak about the new design. no Alyssa Milano fans out there??? dude, she is hot. totally yummy. period. end of sentence.

I wonder if Amy reads this... hey if you do read this Amy, gimme a call and lemme know how you're doing and if you had to have the surgery or not.

like I said a couple of entries ago, I'm gonna try and keep my distance from Francisca. Actually I think it's not so much because of all the shit she gets; because she's not getting all the shit I think she's getting, ya know? I'm overreacting again... Nope, I'm just gonna stay away because it finally fucking hit me that I'm just making things worse for myself-- thinking that I may actually have a fucking penny's worth of a chance with her.

Remember when I wrote this? ...and I was still leaning towards saying FUCK IT???

NOW I'm saying fuck it.

I figure, the less I talk to her and the less I see of her, the less I'll hate myself for wanting to be with her.

I know... it sounds fucked up; but for me, it works.

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