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uh, yeah... ok. heh.
10.24.2001 - 3:18 PM

Frank came by to show me his new truck-- fuckin' sweet.

wish i had a new car or truck, damn!

goin to see Orbital tonight! WOO-HOO! it's funny 'cause I tell people who I'm going to see and they're all like, "who???"

fuck 'em I say... as long as I knowwho I'm gonna see!

oh yeah... a little message for GtG303e (GO GREEN TEAM!)-- kat is good. i like kat. i love to play with kat. pet it. tease it. kiss it and cuddle it. i've even shaved a kat before. heh. kat is the most fun when it's all wet. don't worry, i would treat your kat with the utmost care...............

................... then i'd tear it up and leave it dripping in it's own wet puddle. doesn't that sound like something you'd want for your kat? we can even go shopping for some toys for your kat that you can take home with you! heh.

.............. now doesn't that sound enticing??? so when should i pencil you in for a servicing???


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