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personal ads and divorced chicks
10.30.2001 - 12:11 AM

ok. That last entry was just a bit negative, don't you think? I'm sorry for being such a downer, I just typed what I was feeling at the time, but then, isn't that what this journal/diary is for?

By the way, thanks to you who wrote me with encouraging words. you know who you are.

Tonight I went to the yahoo website to look for shit, and on there in bright pink was a little box advertising their "personals" page; so I typed in my zip code just for the hell of it, entered "between ages 25-31" for an option, and all these personal ads with all these beautiful women showed up! I guess I'm trippin' because, oh I don't know... I guess just because I always thought that only fat people filled out those personal ads...

and NO I DID NOT fill one out or answer one, thank you very much...

... well, at least not right now.

HA! I know you were thinkin' that...

I'm tellin' ya, a lot of those women were hella cute......... but damn, a lot of them are also divorced with kids-- nope, can't handle kids right now... And ya know what? Some of those women looked kinda old, yet they're like 25ish or around my age...

DAMN... do I look that old too? oh shhhhhhiiiiiiiiit...

Actually I'm thinking of going back to those pages and answering one of those ads right about now... yeah, right.

But I will admit, I just may be scoping them out later on.


Sorry Monica, don't have $1200 layin' around to get ya what ya need, but if I did, you know I'd buy it for ya! Hit me up later when I make my first million... ok?

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