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20 inches
10.30.2001 - 11:29 PM

I had the most boring day today.

We had a product training session today, and I pretty much fell asleep in most of the trainings. Pure boredom.

Anyways, afterwards Ben, Lance, Victor, and I went to get some drinks and eat some dinner...

After we were pretty much done eating, we started to tell some jokes..... this one was told by Lance:

..... ok, so there's these three guys-- lets call them Ben, Jay, and Victor-- that just escaped from jail, and they get pulled over in a stolen car. Turns out it's a lady cop. She asks for their IDs and runs them through...

"Well, since you guys were in jail for minor things, I'll let you go on one condition-- the total length of all your dicks combined has to equal at least 20 inches."

So Jay pulls down his pants and whips it out-- 10 inches. Next, Victor pulls down his pants and whips his out-- 8 inches. Then Ben pulls his out-- 2 inches.

"That's 20 inches, so I'll let you guys go," and she gets back into her patrol car and takes off.

"Whew..." Jay says, "man, if I didn't have 10 inches we would've been fucked..."
"Hey man," Victor says, "don't forget about my 8 inches..."

"Yeah..." Ben says to them with a big sigh of relief,
"... it's a good thing I was hard!"

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