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guys are dicks
11.07.2001 - 8:33 AM

guys are such dicks.

im a guy, so i know first hand.

am i the only one out here who sees everything else about her besides her looks??????????? huh?????? dammit... shouldn't that be a plus for me???

ok, here's the deal. when i met her over a year ago, i was totally infatuated with her cousin. i'll admit, it was totally a lust thing, but not COMPLETELY physical (c'mon now, give me some credit!), you know what i mean?

one time, i bought her cousin some roses once, just 'cause i was feelin' pretty good, and i blurted out, "i really wanted to get these for Francisca, 'cause she's more my type... but that wouldn't look too good." (that's me bein' a dick and not knowing it)

dude, you (who am i addressing this to anyways?)really have to know her just to realize just what kind of a person she is... i mean, damn-- she's smart, funny, sophisticated, educated, and yes, she does look good.
and oh that smile........... and that hair...... whew i love pretending i'm untangling on her hair when i'm actually running my fingers through it....... haha

ok. better stop, sounding like a freakin' stalker again... lol

it really really irks me when these guys at work talk shit like, "damn Francisca's lost weight, she's looking good..."

so now that she's lost some of that baby fat she's looking good? what about before? she was hot before too, but none of you fuckheads wanted to see that-- fucking dicks.

too bad this isn't medieval england, where i could slay a dragon and fight for the honor of a woman,
'cause for her, dude... i'd fight the whole fucking country.

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