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a numbing experience
11.08.2001 - 8:38 AM

went to the dentist yesterday afternoon.

my appointment was supposed to be at 1pm, but i totally forgot, and so it was moved to 3:00-- two hours before i had to be at work. i thought i was going in for a routine cleaning, but as soon as i walked into the waiting room, it dawned on me that i had already had my teeth cleaned like two weeks ago...


to make a long story short, i had to had two of my teeth filled, which meant that they had to numb my mouth.

first of all, if you've read this journal for a while, you should know that i have a HUGE aversion to needles; so that really pissed me off. apparently having them numb me with gas (which would've been hella fun...) was out of the question for some reason.

so anyways, after about 35 minutes, she finishes up on my teeth, and sends me on my way, and my whole damn face is sooooooo numb you could give me an uppercut with a brick and i wouldn't have felt it. the funniest part was when i tried to talk, i actually started to drool... that was fucking hilarious.

she said the numbness would go away in a couple of hours. and so i'm thinking to myself, "oh shit, i have to be at work in a soon! WTF am i going to do?"

i get to work, and immediately Ben knows that they numbed my mouth(face)... hahaha, very fucking funny.

ya know, retail is bad enough when you get customers who's knowledge of english is limited to "where ees da bathroom?" or "i just look..." or "you espeak espaneesh?", but damn, try talking to them when you can speak perfect english, but can't...

... because you can't move your fucking mouth the way you want it to!

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