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kill, fuck, or marry
11.10.2001 - 8:42 AM

Natalie and I tried to get into D&B's last night, but apparently (according to the doorman) they won't let under 21 year olds in after 9:30... I could swear it used to be 10:00, and by the other doorman's watch, there were "two minutes left". What-the-fuck-ever... she only has 14 more days to go 'til she's 21 anyways, so it's not like she's still in high school or anything.

So we said fuck it, and had dinner at Macaroni Grill, which by the way was soooooooooooooooo good.

Nat and I played "kill, fuck, or marry" during dinner and on the way home (they were playing it on Howard Stern last week). One person thinks of three different people and the other person has to say if they would kill them, fuck them, or marry them...

For example,
-Jessica Alba
-Catherine Zeta-Jones
-Alyssa Milano

I would totally 86 Catherine Zeta-Jones, marry Jessica Alba, and totally do Alyssa Milano...
like that's a surprise (heh).

It's kinda funny hearing some of her answers to the people I threw at her; some of them were kinda surprising actually.

Tomorrow is mom's 60th freakin' birthday; I've gotta remember to get her something today! I'm taking tomorrow off to spend some time with her, probably take her to her favorite restaurant and stuff.

.... and speaking of birthdays, happy birthday Monica!!!

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