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being friends, being co-workers
11.13.2001 - 8:29 AM

you know how sometimes you build up friendships with people, and then either one of them has to go away, and instead of seeing them like a couple of times a week, it becomes a couple of times a month, and eventually it becomes a couple of times a year, to the point where you eventually don't see them at all?

i don't know about some of these people. i don't think some of these people realize that as you get older, the friends that you had in high school are not going to be there when you go out into the real world... i don't know about you guys, but as of today i only talk to one person that i went to high school with.

maybe it's because i'm an only child. i think i have a tendency to "over-value" my friends because, well, basically they're the closest thing that i have to having brothers and sisters.

that's not a bad thing though, is it?

it's hard sometimes because i think so closely of these people and then something happens, whether its moving away, or taking another job, or getting a new girlfriend/boyfriend; and i never see or hear from them again... and it's not like i don't try to make an effort to go see them or call them or whatever either. sometimes it kind of hurts that someone that i thought so highly of wouldn't think to return calls or e-mails or whatever.

oh well, maybe they just thought of me as "just another co-worker" or whatever.


i had a dream about her last night. it was one of those dreams that actually woke me up all pissed and frustrated, but still smiling for some reason-- like i got some type of revenge on someone. ever have one of those?
let's just say the dream involved me finally meeting that dude she's dating.



i have this fear that what i wrote up above about being "just another co-worker" is going to happen soon. our company is getting rid of all part-timers and going to an all full-time staff. she works part-time, and she's leaving for Mexico with her family on December 11th or so until mid-January. which pretty much means that she'll be out of a job when she comes back.

and which pretty much means that she'll only be around for another month. damn.

i keep thinking to that one day when she asked Kwasi and me if we'd all still be friends in five years... back when i wrote about it the day after the World Trade collapse, i was really hoping so.
i still do.

only God knows.

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