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meeting friends; and trying to go out with one...
11.14.2001 - 12:07 AM

finally got to meet Kwasi's girlfriend today. we've never met before, but when we finally did today, it was like we were old friends... pretty cool.

i have this feeling that if i ever caught up with Monica or Amanda (GO GREEN TEAM!), it would be the same thing-- like old friends.


got one of those damn fob-ass customers today. actually i get them everyday, but today this bitch just would not stop asking for a damn free earpiece or cigarette lighter adaptor for buying a cell phone from me.

the best thing is when they threaten to walk away and go to my competitors across the street, but then they just stand there expecting me to beg and plead for their business.

"okayeee den, i just go to seeerquit ceetee en by da pone ober deyer..."(translated: "okay then, I'll just go over to Circuit City and buy the phone over there...")

**pause for dramatic effect**

as she doesn't move, all the while I'm staring at her right in the eye calling her bluff, thinking, "so fucking leave already bitch... i don't give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck." but not saying a word.

**more pausing for dramatic effect**

obviously frustrated, she says, "okayeee i by now prom yoo..." ("okay, I'll buy it now from you...")

then I think to myself, "yeeeeeeeeeeah, that's what I thought, biaatch."

"now hurry the fuck up and get the fuck out."


so anyways, about that motivational shit that I came up with to help me lose weight.

shit ain't workin' man.....

you would think that going out on a date with Francisca would be motivation enough for me to start losin' this fuckin' belly!

nope. i've gained three pounds since i first started on the first of the month. WTF?WTF?WTF?

someone help me dammit!

fuck, man... you'd think that she'd be impressed that i'm just trying to do all this shit just for her...
damn girl, tell me you'll go out with me already!

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