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flyin' high again
11.17.2001 - 10:40 AM

it's not to often that i smoke. im not talking smoke smoke, but toke smoke. and when i do, it's usually for a good reason. there is only one word i can think of right now to describe what i was feeling like last night--


oh i should say that i don't handle my chronic very well also... sometimes i can tooootally be all hyper and shit, and then sometimes i can be just tooootally mellow as fuck.


anyways, we got the pics done last night. it was good seeing everyone together again; well almost everyone, Ben had to rush to an emergency right at the last minute, so he didn't get to be with us...

i don't know if the pics turned out ok, because our appointment was kinda late (actually we were late for the appointment) but i'm gonna leave early for work today to go check them out; i wonder if anybody noticed that the camera kept moving after she focused and framed the shot...

we'll see.


i've gotta get ready for work, so i'll see ya'all later...

ciao, baby...

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