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did it all for the nookie...
11.24.2001 - 4:32 AM

it's 4:30AM.

usually when i go to sleep at night, i turn off my cell phone and put it on the charger; but tonight for some reason i didn't. for some reason i kept it on and right next to my pillow. i dunno if it was because i was really thinking that Francisca would call me when she got home just so i knew she made it home okay (something that we all used to do with each other, although i think me and Amy did it the most)... yeah right, like she was gonna call.

guess it doesn't matter that much to her that someone was making sure that she gets home okay.

anyways, i get a call at 2:45 from Frank, and in my drowsy state all i hear are the words "Jay, Tammy, DUI, arrested, in Walnut Creek".

so i head out, and basically this happened
-- supposed to be a 15 minute drive. with the strong-ass winds it took me 35
-- he gave me the wrong address where he was (fucking 11 blocks away)
-- my phone won't for some reason dial outgoing calls, so i had to go to a 7-11 to make a call
-- didn't have change, dude wouldn't give me change unless i bought something over a dollar (DICK!)
-- once i picked him up and we went to the drunk tank to pick her up, the cop would only release her over to me, so my ass had to be responsible for her

oh yeah, a little sidenote-- i don't like Tammy. never did, never will. she is someone who Frank used to go out with ten fucking years ago, who fucked him over, got him in trouble with the police, and who didn't let him hang out with me because she didn't like my girlfriend back then.

and who's the one who had to be the one to bail him out of trouble each time?


all i can say is, she was trouble then and she's trouble now; but she's giving it up to him, and that's all he sees right now. nookie.


the only thing cool that happened is that on the way home, i turned on wild 94.9 and i caught my buddy DJ Gianni right as he was getting ready to do a 4AM set... WOO-HOO!!!! i'm still listening to him right now through the website... damn i miss going out to parties! now i can't sleep because of that red bull i drank, and the beats are totally getting me hyped... i'm trying to get through to the radio station, but all the lines are busy! geez! it's like 5:05 right now and they're all busy... go figure.

i think i just may leave early from Natalie's birthday party tomorrow night and go hit United We Jam to go see him spin... and Donald Glaude too...

but Nat will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed at me if i take off... especially on her 21st birthday! hmmmmmm, what to do... what to do...


Paul Oakenfold is coming on monday!!! i'm there dude...

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