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go ahead, call my bluff...
11.28.2001 - 12:59 PM

i talked to her last night online.

damn... i finally said stuff to her that i thought i'd never be able to. for me it's so different talking (chatting, whatever) online to someone rather than face to face; i don't know why. maybe it's just with her. i can't even look her in the eye when i talk to her because i start drifting off and end up just staring at her. wonder if she notices that.

i bluffed and said i knew that she reads my diary, waiting for her to call me on it and tell me that she doesn't...
apparently she does read it.

ha! gotcha...

she's leaving for mexico in less than two weeks. she's gonna stop working on the 7th, i think. and i'm totally sure that she's gonna want to spend the last days here with him.

it's not like she's not coming back though; she is coming back in mid-January, but still...

damn, it's so hard to listen to other guys talk about her, wanting to get with her and shit, and just stand there like it doesn't bother me, especially when they start talking all...... well, you know... talking how guys talk to each other about a hot girl, ya know?

because it does bother me.

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