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A day off!
11.29.2001 - 1:02 AM

Warren an I went to the city to go shopping today, which by the way, was my first scheduled day off since May! It was so weird having a day off... so weird for me that I ended up going to work anyways and waiting for a customer to show up that was going to buy a phat video system for his new SUV. But of course, he never showed up. Asshole.

I didn't even realize how much time I had spent there waiting for that damn customer (4 hours) because I was too busy playing with the new Sony robot dog we got at the store, trying to make it just fucking sit and stand. I finally got it to do some crazy ass shit (apparently the room has to be pretty quiet, and it's like a little puppy that still has to "learn" how to do things). That thing is soooooooooooo fucking badass. Can't justify the $1500 price tag though. If I'm gonna spend that much for a robot dog (not including extra software), it better be able to do something more than mimic a karate chop and kick a ball around (which it does, by the way... totally amazing shit).


It's too damn cold and windy and wet out. Totally sucks. One side of the backyard fence is looking like it's gonna fall again, and it's only two years old because we rebuilt it after it fell from the harsh windstorms from back then. Great. More money out of my pocket.


Did I mention that I went to San Francisco to go shopping today? Same old shit we have out here in the 'burbs, only it's like ten percent more for everything out there. Go figure.

I must say though that the hustle and bustle of all those people running around, doing their Christmas shopping, got me kind of anxious for the holidays to come...

And speaking of shopping (I am soooo like a chick when it comes to shopping 'cause I love doing it so much), what do you get the perfect woman for Christmas, without going overboard??? (After all, she isn't my girlfriend or wife or anything... but she does mean a lot.)

I have a week and a half before she leaves for Mexico until January...

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