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12.04.2001 - 1:02 AM

ok... well... I have my broadband account back up. No more of this using a 56K modem shit. yeaay me. whoopee.

blah. whatever. let's see how long it takes them to find out i don't have any more credit cards for them to charge my bills to...


Francisca called me at work today to tell me that she's gonna go with us to CES in Vegas. Part of me was hella happy, but then the other part of me was like all, "oh, ok..."

She's "officially" with that dude now. and it's not even that marine dude. some other dude that she was checking out. his name is Miguel or Michael or dickhead or asshole or pinche cabron or something like that. ha. just kidding. apparently I "don't like him" (notice the quotations). apparently I've met him before, being a customer of mine or something, and he rubbed me the wrong way when he came in. this is what she told me.

hmmmmmmmm... apparently I have some kind of psychic hatred ability, because I don't recall meeting the guy, I don't know the guy, yet I already don't like him.

you're right Francisca, I don't like him.

I wonder if he was that tall dude that she ditched us for at Luis' brother's funeral...


Anyways, so now that you two are "official" (I wonder what she means by that-- or what they did to make it mean that...), you won't see me bothering you anymore. First of all, that would be rude on my part, knowing that you're "official", and second of all, I don't want to ruin any remnants of a friendship we still have.

....... and right now, I'm kind of hurting over you.........

I guess that's sorta why I was all "eh" when she told me she was going to Vegas with us.

Damn, sometimes (actually, a lot of times) I wish I had kept my mouth shut about all this and not told her how I feel about her...

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