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awwwwwwww yeeeeeeah.... heehee
12.06.2001 - 11:48 AM


yup. exactly.

I miss the days back in high school when my opinion mattered to someone. When I could go to Gail's house after her parents took off for work in the mornings and while she was in the shower I would pick out what I thought she should wear that day for school. Of course, she had the final word, but it was just cool doing that. I was so good at pickin' outfits and shit.

whoa. I just stopped and read that again. Kinda makes me sound just a tad bit gay, doesn't it...?

Not that I have anything against gay people, I'm just NOT. I like kat.

But back to the subject, I guess having chicks as some of your best friends in high school and college can do that to you... It's cool hanging out with lots of chicks, because--
A. There's always a set of boobs to stare at
B. You can hear all the latest gossip about other people
C. There's always some ass to stare at
D. You can find out what to do and what not to do on a date with them (this comes in particularly handy when they break up with their boyfriends and you become "the rebound guy")
E. You get invited to all the pool parties that they throw, which in turn you can invite all your guy buddies to, which in turn makes you look like the absolute shit...
F. You get to help them shop for lingerie, even if it IS for their boyfriend
G. Did I mention all the T&A to stare at???

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh baybeeeeeeeeeeee...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one more thing. Having sex conversations with friends who are chicks has got to be the best way to learn how to do anything and everything...

I didn't get the nickname "munch" from my firefighter buddies, ya know...

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