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why even bother???
12.06.2001 - 8:38 PM

fuck, man......

I know our company is screwing us, but I can't pinpoint how. Ever since they went to that new pay plan, my commissions are less than they should be.

Could it be that since Sept. 11th, people are not spending? Fuck no. That's bullshit. The economy is almost back to the way it was before then, and consumer spending is on the upswing.

Damn. In the past two weeks alone, I've posted over 117 hours of work. If I was paid hourly at the absolute minimum that I should be earning, based on what I've earned in the past, in addition to being here over four years, I should be averaging at the least a little over $40,000.

For retail sales, that's not too bad.

That's if I was only taking these past two weeks into consideration. And if I was being paid hourly. Compared to what I made last year or a couple of years ago, I'm averaging about $5 an hour less. Which adds up over the period of a year...

BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO... At my job, I've been through five different head managers, four different commission scales, endless headaches with HR and payroll, and low stock prices.

All I need is just a couple more months at this fucking place so I can get some tuition money for school, and then I'm off...

Now if I could just keep from falling asleep in class...

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