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alms for the poor.......
12.09.2001 - 11:24 PM

So many bills, so little cash.

I have money available, but it's put away, not meant to be touched until I'm retired or whatever-- most likely until I hit some kind of mid-life crisis or something like that.

I've been trying to figure out how I'm gonna have enough money to go to Vegas; I still owe David for the plane ticket, and luckily he's got a place there so I don't have to pay for a hotel...

... looks like I'm gonna have to sleep on the couch too, 'cause now Francisca and Stephanie are going, and they're gonna take the other room. Now I couldn't make them take the couch now, could I? That wouldn't be cool, considering how much of a gentleman I am... HA!


Could there be a new life on the way for one of my friends???

Hopefully not, for her sake, but if she is pregnant, hopefully he'll do the right thing (which I'm sure he will) and take care of it...


Well, I'm off to another fun, fulfilling day at work... so I'm gonna go for now.

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