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deja vu? well, sort of.
12.11.2001 - 11:20 PM

ok so here's the deal.

mom had a stroke a couple of months back, in which she never fully recovered, and her left side is still paralized. She can't walk without help, let alone do anything else. She depends on my dad and me (more on my dad) to get by each day.

dad is now home because of work-related injuries. his doctor said that only surgery will get his elbow back to about 90%, but my dad wanted a second opinion, so we went to a second doctor who looked at the MRIs and immediately put his arm in a hard cast that runs from his shoulder to his hand. now he is partly immobile.

... and today he has surgery also. at least it's an outpatient procedure; scheduled in an about an hour and a half, as a matter of fact...

so who does that leave in this family to take care of the two physically impaired people... hmmmmmmmmm...

that would be me.

unfortunately, mom has a little trouble keeping control of her bladder, so she has to go to the bathroom about every hour and a half to two hours, so i'm gonna go to the hospital with my dad, get him registered, and once he goes into the surgical ward, i'm gonna head home to make sure that mom doesn't have an accident, then head back to the hospital to wait until dad wakes up and they release him.

it's almost like how my birthday was this year when my dad was at one hospital having surgery and my mom was at another hospital recovering from her stroke, and i had to travel between the two. that was a great birthday.

yeah, right.

it's the next couple of days that worries me. what the hell are they gonna do when i'm at work? dad's gonna have a hard time walking because of the surgery, he won't be able to lift her into her wheelchair or push her around because of his arm, and i can't miss work because everyday i miss is money out of my pocket...


well, whaddyaknow.

she DID sign my guestbook. i thought that wasn't too much to ask........

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