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go see it!
12.18.2001 - 1:56 PM

Ocean's Eleven is such a phat fucking movie...
I highly recommend seeing it if you haven't yet.

Makes me wanna go back to work on my own screenplay right about now. (See Cy and Monica? I found some inspiration! By the way, thanks ladies...)


Today was so cool... Sebastian Janikowski and Mo Collins both came into the store today to do some Christmas shopping, and I got both of them to sign my football (I keep one handy at the store 'cause all those Oakland Raider guys come in all the time...).

Now if I could just get Jerry Rice to come into the store... :)

We even saw Janikowski at the movies tonight... he keeps following us for some reason. heh.


I'm gettin' a little sleepy.

Time to go nite-nite...

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