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money! i need more money, dammit! give me some fucking money!
12.23.2001 - 12:22 AM

go fucking figure that the one guy that i got all excited about seeing at the store fucks it all up on national TV and misses three field goals. three field goals that could've won the game, mind you.

if these Raiders keep playing like they have sticks up their asses, they're gonna let the championship (rightfully theirs) slip away from their grasp.

Joel and i are going to the Raiders facility next week to get some autographs... most definitely pays to have some hookups sometimes! finally get to get Jerry Rice's autograph on a football (THAT'S gonna be worth some money...) :)


got paid yesterday. paid some bills. money's almost gone. and i haven't done any Christmas shopping.

speaking of Christmas, Natalie got me a chrome business card holder with my name engraved on it... very classy looking. i'm afraid to use it because i don't want to scratch it up!

i had so much money at this time last year. this paycheck is $1200 less than the paycheck i had at this time last year. totally sucks ass. i feel hella bad that i can't get anybody anything, 'cause last year i spent so much to get stuff for everyone, and it was so cool seeing their faces (especially Amy and Francisca) when they opened their presents. i love giving presents; i think i'm so used to not getting anything for Christmas or my birthday that it doesn't even faze me anymore when i don't get something... and when i DO get something, i tend to get all worked up about it.

don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining, it's tough enough as it is for my parents, so it would be so wrong for me to expect anything anyways. as long as they're alive, that's good enough.

anyways... no amount of money or material wealth can get me what i REALLY want for Christmas...

... and she's taken.


i noticed that all the gas prices have gone down lately. the cheap 87 octane shit is now only $1.31 a gallon here in the valley. it's about time. geez. i bet everywhere else it's waaaay less.

just 'cause i live in what is considered an "upper-middle class" town, they always jack shit up around here... total bullshit.


Jan. 8th is coming up so quickly...

... and i need money! c'mon people, spend your money so i can have some gambling money for Vegas!

oh yeah, and some money for the strip clubs too......


my current playlist...

- Roni Size "Dirty Beats"
- Paul Oakenfold "Live at Creamfields-- August 27, 2000" (MP3)
- The Calling "Wherever You Will Go"
- Iio "Rapture"
- Kosheen "Hide U"
- Pussy 2000 "It's Gonna Be Alright"
- System of a Down "Toxicity"
- Puddle of Mudd "Blurry"
- P.O.D. "Alive"
- and anything by Linkin Park, Aphrodite, or DJ Tiesto

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