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Christmas eve, and only one present bought...
12.24.2001 - 1:06 AM

fuck. it's now officially christmas eve and i haven't done any shopping for anyone. oh wait. i got my "secret santa" gift for Jessica, but that's it. i got her a gift certificate for Victoria's Secret, but i'm gonna hide it at the bottom of the gift bag, and i bought (well, actually Jenny bought them for me...) a HUGE pair of white grandma-style size 10 panties to put in the bag so she'll think that's her gift...

ohhhhh i can't wait to see her face...

im making buffalo wings for the potluck tomorrow. how come i have this feeling that me and Kwasi are gonna be the only ones bringing "actual" food instead of just the usual junk food (chips, bean dip, soda, etc.) that these fools usually bring...? man... if that happens, i'm taking back my shit and just feeding my department (gotta take care of my guys and gal, ya heard?)

i need to win another $100. damn. i try, but it's like, i don't wanna "whore" myself out and fight for every fucking customer, ya know? that just looks bad-- running around from person to person, saying, "hi! how ya doin? hi! how ya doin? hi! how ya doin?" or "hey fucker, that was MY customer... you better put me on that invoice"

fuck that.

gotta work at 7:30 tomorrow. we're open from 8am - 6pm. i'm gonna have to take a long lunch tomorrow so I can buy all my freakin' gifts. the cool thing is, for all my friends who have kids, i can just buy something for the kid and the parents won't trip if i don't get them anything. at least i don't think they don't trip.

Here's a gift from me... it's actually for your kid, but that's cool, right?

(hesitantly) Uhhhhh... I guess so....

Cool... hope it fits him (her)!

that way i kill two birds with one stone... the kid gets something, and the parents are happy that someone thought of their kid... and i don't spend too much money!

damn i'm a cheap-ass bastard!

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