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christmas day
12.25.2001 - 7:28 PM

they keep showing that Lexus commercial where the girls' parents say, "We got you a CD Player..." then they draw the curtains to show a brand new Lexus (i think it's an IS300) parked outside the house with a huge bow on it.

so will someone please tell me what fairy tale land that kind of shit happens in?

must be nice.........


man do i feel hella bad...

not only did i not get presents for all my friends, but i totally didn't get any gifts for my aunt and cousins...

one of my cousins showed up out of the blue today, and it was totally unexpected-- so all i had was a couple of $20 bills to give her girls; and then my aunt (Eric's mom-- who's taken care of me since i was born) came over and gave me a card with a $100 bill inside, and not only did i have nothing for her, my parents didn't have anything for her either...

ever since my uncle (mom's side) died, she and my mom haven't been talking as much, and not giving her a gift was like a total slap in the face. she's had to put up so much shit with Eric and his problems and done so much to keep her family together-- she deserves so much more...


all in all it was just another day today, except today i got $300, in addition to the gifts i got yesterday. now i can pay those bills i'm behind on... maybe i might have some left over to buy some gifts, but it's a little too late.

tomorrow it's back to work; gotta deal with all the returns and the commissions that i'm gonna lose with them.

hope you all had a good christmas.

oh by the way, did ya sign the guestbook? ya know ya didn't... it only takes a minute, so why don't ya do it now?

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